10 Good Things About Living in Paraguay

Here are ten things that make life in Paraguay great.

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Cost of living

From a foreigner’s perspective, one major pro to living in Paraguay is the low cost of living. Paraguay is one of Latin America’s more affordable destinations. If you’re earning an income from abroad, your dollars, euros, etc., will go quite far here. For instance, even in the capital of Asuncion, it’s possible to rent a one-bedroom apartment for around $250-$300 USD. In addition, one could get by with about $50 USD a week in food costs. In theory, a single man or woman could live in Paraguay for around $1000/month.

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Another thing most people love about Paraguay is its weather. For most of the year, Paraguayans see sunshine! However, it’s essential to keep in mind that temperatures are high in the summer (around 40°C/104°F). So, if you have trouble with the heat, it may be best to go somewhere else from December to March!

Food quality

Many people are surprised at the high quality of meat, produce, dairy, and baked goods in Paraguayan supermarkets. It’s impressive! Paraguay is a meat producer and grows many fruit and vegetables, so you can count on a lot of the things you buy being fresh.

If you’re concerned about maintaining a healthy diet here, don’t be! The food you’ll find in the supermarkets here is as good as anywhere else.

The people

As we’ve mentioned before, the single greatest thing about Paraguay is its people! The Paraguayan people are friendly and welcoming and make a tremendous effort to make you feel comfortable and one of their own.

Making friends and becoming part of a community can be the most challenging part of arriving in a new country. In Paraguay, this is easy. The people here play a huge role in making day-to-day life pleasant through their charm and hospitality.

A growing economy

Paraguay’s economy has remained stable and growing over the past ten years. By South American standards, it’s a relatively safe investment bet due to stable governments and a stable currency.

Assuming that Paraguay continues on this path — and it appears it will — this may be a good country to do business in the coming years.

Low tax rate

Another appealing factor to some is Paraguay’s low tax rate. Paraguay applies a standard income tax rate of only 10%. In addition, an individual is taxed only on the income they generate inside Paraguay. Meaning that if you earn your income from abroad, you won’t have to pay taxes on it to the Paraguayan government.

Note that even though Paraguay has this exemption, you’ll still need to pay taxes to your home country if you’ve retained your tax status there!


Paraguay is a great place for nature lovers. You’ll see plenty of tree-lined streets full of fruits such as mandarins, grapefruit, mangoes, and limes even in the cities. If you’re into wildlife, Paraguay’s wild Chaco desert region is home to many interesting animal species. There are also several waterfalls, lakes, and expansive lush green spaces to enjoy here.

Pace of life

An appealing factor to many about life here in Paraguay is that it moves slow. Life isn’t stressful here like it is in other countries. People always make the time to chat or get together with friends. Of course, some see this as a downside as things tend to take longer to get done here, but we can’t think of a much better country than Paraguay for those seeking a more relaxed pace of life.

Relatively low crime rate

Compared to the rest of Latin America, Paraguay’s murder and crime rates are low. Now, this doesn’t mean crime doesn’t exist here! It certainly does (you can read more about safety in Paraguay here). However, it is safer than most South American countries.

If you’re looking for a safe place to call home in Latin America, Paraguay is one of the better bets.

For more information, here is a thorough breakdown of safety in Paraguay.


The last great thing we’ll cover about life in Paraguay is the sense of community you have while living here. It’s a friend and family-oriented culture, and people help one another out! And once you make some friends here, you’ll get the sense that you’re part of it all. Living abroad can be lonely sometimes, but the people here do their best to help you fit in.

10 Good Things About Living in Paraguay: Final Thoughts

These are just a handful of good things about living in Paraguay that you may not have known! There are, of course, many other things that make this country an excellent place to call home.

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