Exactly How to Get Paraguayan Residency in 2024

One of the main reasons folks are more interested in Paraguay these days is its attractive temporary residency program. Obtaining temporary residency in Paraguay is a straightforward process that offers benefits that go beyond simply being able to live in the country!

In today’s article, we’re going to tell you exactly how to get your Paraguayan temporary residency in 2024!

Let’s get started.

Step One: Get The Necessary Documents from your Home Country

The first thing you’ll need to do is collect the necessary documents from your home country.

These are:

  • Birth Certificate apostilled by the issuing government authority
  • Clean Criminal Record Check, apostilled
  • Certificate of marriage or divorce (if applicable – if you’ve never been married, you don’t need this)

If your country has signed The Hague’s Apostille Treaty (most countries have!), this is all you’ll need to do in your home country. The rest of the process is completely in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay.


Since Canada is not part of The Hague’s Apostille Treaty, your apostille process will look a bit different. Unfortunately, a document notarized at the provincial level will not be accepted for international use.

After obtaining your birth certificate and criminal record check, you’ll need to send these documents to Global Affairs Canada for authentication, and request that they be forwarded to the Paraguayan Embassy in Ottawa, where they will be legalized for official use in Paraguay.

Once you receive these documents back from the Paraguayan Embassy in Ottawa you will be good to go!

Step 2: Go To Paraguay!

The rest of the process will take place in Paraguay.

In addition to your Birth and/or marriage certificate and criminal record check from your home country, here’s what you’ll need to present and obtain here in Paraguay to complete the process.

  • Your passport or identity card of your current home country
  • Local police record issued by the Department of Informatics of the National Police
  • Local health Certificate issued by a local medical practitioner approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Life and Residence Certificate issued by the Police Commissioner or magistrate court
  • Evidence of their entry and stay in the country (copy of passport info + entry stamp)
  • Two passport-size photos (2.5 X 2.5); color

Your documents from home will also need to be translated to Spanish and apostilled here in Paraguay by an accredited translator and accredited notary.

After collecting all of these documents, you’ll present them all to the immigration office in downtown AsunciĆ³n and wait until your residency is processed! You’ll get a notification by email to pick up your temporary residency card, and later to pick up your local ID.

We know what you’re thinking…

“All of this sounds complicated!”

And you’re not wrong! Unfortunately, you’ll have to run around different parts of the city for a few days to get to the necessary documents. This can be even more hectic if you don’t speak Spanish.

Fortunately, many professionals here will take care of all of this for you. All you’ll have to do is show up with your documents from home, ride around with them to sign some things, get your photos taken, and wait!

Most people who obtain residency here opt to use a fixer rather than sort out the process themselves.

Such services cost anywhere between $1000-$2000 USD.

Benefits of Getting Temporary Residency in Paraguay

The obvious benefit of being a temporary resident of Paraguay is being able to live and work here without any restrictions.

Taxes here are also quite favorable. Paraguay only taxes income and personal gains on income generated within the country (at 10%).

So, if your income is generated from abroad (your home country or another country that isn’t Paraguay), you won’t have to pay taxes on it here.

Many folks opt for temporary residency in Paraguay due to its relative economic and political stability. It is without a doubt one of the more stable South American countries in this regard. It’s also experiencing economic growth and an expansion of its middle class. Business opportunities in Paraguay are bound to grow along with that.

*After two years of temporary residency, you will be able to apply for permanent residency in the country.

How To Get Paraguayan Citizenship

It’s important to make the distinction between residency and citizenship. Obtaining Paraguayan residency does not make you a citizen of the country, and therefore you will not be eligible for a Paraguayan passport.

That said, as a resident, you will enjoy most of the same rights as a Paraguayan citizen.

If you’re seeking Paraguayan citizenship, you may be in for a difficult process. On paper, after 3 years as a permanent Paraguayan resident living in Paraguay, you may apply for citizenship.

In reality?

Paraguayan citizenship is rarely granted to foreign residents.

The only real exception to this are Italians and Spanish permanent residents, as Italy and Spain are the two countries that Paraguay has a duel nationality agreement with.

While we won’t say it’s impossible to obtain Paraguayan citizenship for non-Spanish or non-Italian foreign nationals here, it certainly will not be easy.

In short, don’t get your hopes up about eventually obtaining Paraguayan citizenship!

Final Thoughts About Getting Paraguayan Residency in 2024

As you can see, obtaining Paraguayan residency is fairly straightforward.

The process is quick and doesn’t cost much, even if you hire a fixer for part of the process.

It is, without a doubt, one of the cheapest and easiest routes to residency in the world. So, if you’re looking for a change in your living arrangement, Paraguay and its favorable residency process awaits you with open arms!

We hope to see you down here soon!

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