What Are People in Paraguay Like?

If you’re considering traveling to Paraguay, you’re likely wondering about the people in Paraguay.

While we can’t generalize all Paraguayans, we’ll do our best to give you an overview of the locals and their culture in this article.

Let’s get started!

What is Paraguayan Culture Like? 

Paraguayan culture is laid-back, family-oriented, and hospitable.

One of the first things you’re likely to notice upon your arrival is the slow, casual pace of life. Nothing seems rushed here, and you’ll often see groups of people outside with chairs relaxing and drinking tereré.

Like anywhere else in the world, many people here work full time or study (sometimes both). Still, there does seem to be a good balance between work and life here in Paraguay.

Another thing you’ll notice is how close Paraguayans are with their families and how big their families can be!

For instance, Sundays here are invariably for asados (barbeques), during which the entire family gets together for a big meal. You’ll notice that few businesses are open on Sundays aside from essential services such as pharmacies or supermarkets because Sundays are for family!

Paraguayans are also hospitable. Although perhaps no longer the norm, it’s still somewhat common for people to show up to friends’ houses unannounced and be welcomed inside for a meal or a chat!

Likewise, you’ll soon find that, once you make friends here, there will be no shortage of parties and events to attend!

Are People in Paraguay Nice? 

People in Paraguay are among the friendliest in Latin America.


Most everyone you meet will be up for a casual conversation or be willing to help you with directions or advice.

The Paraguayan people will quickly consider you a friend if you’re kind, curious, and willing to chat. You’ll soon find yourself invited to their houses for a BBQ or get together and before you know it, you’ll have even more friends!

It’s a welcoming country and easy to build a social circle, even when you’re a foreigner.

Do Paraguayan People Like Foreigners? 

Paraguayan people are incredibly patient, kind, and welcoming toward foreigners.

You’ll notice they’ll be curious about where you’re from, what things are like in your country and why you decided to come to Paraguay.

It’s a genuine interest. Not many foreigners visit Paraguay, after all. So, feel free to share both the things you love about your home country and the things you love about Paraguay! Your commentary will be appreciated.

Paraguayans will try to show you the best of their country, so you should take their tips and advice seriously. If a local is kind enough to show you around, make some time for them!

Additionally, Paraguayans will appreciate it if you make an effort to learn a bit of Spanish or Guarani since not many folks here speak English.

If you can muster up even just a few words in either language, you will be in their good graces.

Do Paraguayans Like to Party?

You may be wondering about the party culture of Paraguay.

We can say that without a doubt — like most people in Latin America — Paraguayans like to party!

Paraguayan parties are often family affairs, ranging from children to the elderly. Everyone is welcome! Food and beverages are never in short supply.

If you walk around any given neighborhood on the weekend, it’s common to see people gathering in their yard with loved ones.

As we mentioned, this is a family-oriented culture, so their fiestas don’t exclude anyone!

Suppose you get invited to a party in Paraguay. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to bring anything. Still, a pack of Pilsen (the local beer) will be received well!

What do Teenagers do in Paraguay?

Young people in Paraguay spend a lot of time around the pool during the summer to beat the oppressive heat!

The vacation destination of San Bernardino fills up with youngsters during this time, as everyone tries to cool down around Lake Ypacarai.

Soccer, volleyball, and, to a lesser extent, handball are all popular here in Paraguay, so you’ll see many young people participating in these sports.

Another thing that remains popular here among young girls is beauty pageants! All over the country, many young women participate in local pageants.

Like anywhere else in the world, nightlife and parties are popular among the youth here. Although the legal drinking age in Paraguay is technically 20 years old, it’s common to see people younger drinking and partying in nightclubs, sporting events, or house parties.

Essentially, teenagers in Paraguay pass time like kids anywhere else in the world! Vacation, sports, school, and socializing with friends.

What do Adults do in Paraguay?

One might say that adulthood starts a bit earlier in Paraguay, as the average age of marriage is somewhat young (the early 20s for women; mid-20s for men). Thus, married couples tend to have children a bit younger than in the USA or European countries.

Adult life here closely resembles adult life in other countries: work, exercise, raising children, the occasional vacation, etc.

As we mentioned before, social interaction and family are a massive part of life here, so it’s not uncommon for elderly parents to live with their adult kids. It’s also not unusual for kids to be present more often in social gatherings that you may typically associate as being geared toward adults (parties, for instance).

If you’re an adult planning to move to Paraguay and are concerned about making friends, don’t be! Paraguayans maintain a robust social circle and attend social events even if they’re married with children.

Is Paraguay A Good Place to Raise Children? 

If you have kids of your own, you may be wondering if Paraguay is a good place to raise children.

Thanks to its young population, Paraguay is a great place for this!

You’ll see children everywhere here, and locals are very fond of them. Kids tend to have no trouble making friends with other kids, and, as an adult, you’ll find it easy to make friends with parents who also have children.

There are enough extracurricular activities to keep them busy and help them stay out of trouble.

Paraguay is such a warm and welcoming country and relatively safe by Latin American standards, making it an excellent place to raise children.

What Are Paraguayan People Like? Final Thoughts

The single most remarkable thing about Paraguay is its people.

Locals here in Paraguay are friendly and will always go out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of a community.

Whether you’re just passing through or you’re planning to live in Paraguay long-term, you’ll be thoroughly charmed by the Paraguayan people and their hospitable culture and way of life!

We hope to see you down here soon!

All the best.

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